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Hello :)

Postby SolidSnake11 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 7:04 pm

Hello :) i'm here because i wanna infect you all with my T Virus so enjoy your last hours of normal human being XD
Ok with all seriusness i got here cause i read on SaveMgo forum about the restoration of Outbreak Servers wich it got my attention
I'm a very good player of Outbreak i played all scenarios on Very Hard hoever i'm not a Veteran cause i died many times and the only scenarios that i got No damage was the JS bar scenario and HellFire,in file 2 i dint managed to get No damage in none of all scenarios including the Eliminations and ShowDowns.
Also i do only own the original NTSC J copy of File 2 only...i still have to buy the NTSC J of file 1 :|
I did read all The rules of the server gameplay AND the forum rules,wich i agree on them also i shouldn't have any problem with other players cause if i helped Badlyprogrammed AI why i shouldn't help real Players ?
Before i finish i wanna ask where do i talk about problems ? Cause there is only the News,Introduction,Chatting,Whats this all about :)
PS:i know this introduction is bad but i wasted hours thinking what i needed to write LOL XD

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